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Feminine Football Global (FFG) is THE women’s football network, an international online network for everyone involved in women’s football and interested in supporting women’s football development worldwide.

Feminine Football Global is you and all of us – (former) players, coaches, referees, team managers, administrators and supporters. Everyone, everywhere involved in women’s football. Our vision is to unite all stakeholders and position women’s football as a solid sport-entertainment product with worldwide commercial value.

Our mission is to be the first point of reference for women’s football and to connect all who are involved in enjoying, developing, promoting and growing the beautiful game.

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If you are reading this page you are already one of us. We all help make a difference in our own way, area of expertise and country. With Feminine Football Global you can connect, share and combine experiences, ideas, positive energy, and passion for women’s football across borders. And help others and your club to break barriers and reach new frontiers ….. FASTER!
Feminine Football Global has two membership programs: Network Member and Club Member. As FFG Network Member you can connect and share with other FFG members. As FFG Club Member you can multiply the positive impact for your club, group, league, country and women’s football worldwide. Read more about the FFG Membership Program and FFG membership benefits here. JOIN FFG today!

It’s the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015, full streets, a few good friends and a full sports-bar with at least 50 different nationalities. Women and men, all excited about the women’s world cup and women’s football. A massive coming together. So, why is this massive coming together, excitement and business interest only during the Fifa Women’s world Cup?… Is it because the rest of the year (4 years) we mostly work in isolation? Together we are huge, we are strong. We can do more, we must! It’s time for a global approach.