FFG Membership

Welcome to Feminine Football Global, the worldwide women’s football network. By joining FFG you take the first step in advancing the growth of women’s football together. The FFG community is happy to have you on board.
Feminine Football Global has two membership programs: Network Member and Club Member:

Network Member
FFG Network membership is free and provides you and your member-group access to the basic FFG platform features. Members can connect, share and participate in surveys and discussions that contribute to the growth and advancement of women’s football. In addition, FFG Network Members are eligible for a limited number of individual or member-group benefits, periodically or temporarily.

Club Member
Feminine Football Global Club Member is the premium level membership that provides exclusive access to FFG Club support programs and projects for individual members and member-groups. It includes all benefits of Network Member. Club membership is only 12 USD per year (annual recurring membership fee).

Why everyone should be Club Member
You can increase the impact for your club, group, league, country and women’s football worldwide by upgrading to FFG Club Member. FFG Club membership not only provides additional benefits for its member-groups, it also enables us to help the member-groups that need it most. The FFG Club concept is based on teamwork, solidarity and added value, to create opportunities and benefits for all! The stronger women’s football is in different parts of the world, the stronger women’s football is worldwide and can its full potential be recognized. Read more about FFG Club membership benefits, terms and conditions here.

Signing up for FFG membership
FFG membership is on individual basis and by invitation and/ or after verification only. You can sign up directly as Club Member or sign up as Network Member and upgrade to Club Member later. Find more information about membership benefits, terms and conditions here.

When you sign up, you are required to select your member-group type, and indicate the name and location of your member-group. Your member-group name (i. e. Club name) is the group which you belong to or identify yourself with, and which you would like to support through FFG programs.
FFG is not exclusively for clubs. Your organization can be one of the following member-group types: club, school, university, academy, referee association, coach association, women’s league or women’s national team of a specific country.
The FFG Programs are designed to support member-groups. Therefore, the member-group name you select when signing-up is important. Ideally this will be the club or organization where you play or played. You can search all registered clubs and member-groups here. Can’t find the name of your club, school, academy, etc. in the list? Be the first to register your member-group, join FFG and invite your team-mates to join…. and you get a free upgrade to FFG Club membership for free. Find more information about registering your member-group and FFG Club membership here. Register your member-group HERE!